The little raven is the rascal among picture book characters: He does and says and thinks and asks all the things that children would love to do, say, think and ask. The little raven is cheeky, but never mean, loud but quiet, too. He often gets into trouble, but sometimes he does everything right. He is an open, honest, lovable knave and a kid’s best friend.

The first picture book to feature Raven, the little rascal, was published in 1996. The series’ success has continued unabated since then and is now considered a modern picture book classic.

Since the publication of the first picture book Alles meins! (All Mine!) in 1996, 28 editions have been printed to date. Over 7 million books have been sold worldwide in 31 languages. There are over 100 related products on the market.

Three successful feature films and a 52-part TV series, which is broadcast at regular intervals on KiKA, round off the extensive program about the little raven with the stripey sock.

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Children from 3 years, focus on kindergarten, preschool and elementary school, parents, and grandparents


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52-part TV series, 3 feature films, extensive book program


Raven, the little rascal, stands for friendship, joie de vivre, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to help, making him the ideal example for children.